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5 ways to spark creativity when you are in a rut

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Most of us would like to be at our productive best throughout our career, but every so often many of us start feeling a bit indifferent towards work owing to monotony in routine or deliverables. ET gets experts to weigh in on how to push creativity among employees and sustain their enthusiasm for work.

Think about the cause
It is important to introspect on what is really plaguing the mind. “Some of it may be just one’s own perspective rather than the work environment, so think through the situation in a dispassionate manner,” said Preeti Chandrashekhar, India business leader retirement, health and benefits, Mercer. Capgemini India’s chief human resources officer Anil Jalali said, “If you haven’t been part of a change or driven any change recently, it is a sure sign you’re in a rut.”

Communicate with Leaders
A great way to deal with being in a rut is to have an open discussion with your leader or manager. “He or she will set the agenda for your change and steer you towards new, creative ways of looking at things and encourage you to experiment,” said Jalali.

Learn New Skills
A great way to get out of a rut is to push your little grey cells into overdrive. “Pursue a new skill or training course. This will introduce you to new people and ideas, and take you away from your routine,” said Shah.

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