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Over past 10+ years of experience and skills in various technologies, we built great scalable products. Whatever technology we worked with, we just not build products for our clients but we also try to make it generate and available to other lots of developers worldwide. And that's the reason we are the only leading company in India who created tools and available it to millions of developers worldwide. Feel free to checkout our Github account. Because we believe that open-source is the future !! We have an open-source lab to which we call InfyOm Lab .

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 . What Does FAQ Stand For?

The letters (or word) FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. A FAQ page is usually a list of common questions people have asked about a specific product or service.

2 . Why Are FAQ Pages Important?

Many businesses often get asked about the same questions over and over again from potential customers. And they are always the same common questions like “Do you accept credit cards?” or “Can I upgrade from the Free plan?